Florence Vincent

I'm in California, so I was able to see the movie Inconvenient Sequel, Al Gore's update to his 2007 movie Inconvenient Truth.

The good news is, whether you think humans helped create the extremes in weather we are now experiencing or not, whole countries, states, and cities, even small ones, have decided that non-polluting renewable energy is cheaper and creates more jobs that fossil fuel. Will the administration allow a new draft U.S. climate report mandated by congress every four years to be released? {New York Times}

So this is strange! How can a company completely pay to create a "Citizen's Initiative"? Have the Thurston County Commissioners decided that's the way to help their friends at Lakeside Industries permanently overturn laws that have been in place since around 1994, so that they can start processing RAP (recycled asphalt processing)? That was the last time a SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) study was conducted in the Nisqually Valley. Then the county put in place a "blanket prohibition" against RAP. The Valley often floods and is zoned 'Agricultural'. Recycled asphalt has a rock that erodes more readily when exposed to water.

I heard a story from a lady form Colorado who had neck surgery and while in a post surgery rehab facility in Aurora, Denver, spoke with 2 women from Texas, 1 from Kansas and 1 from Oklahoma.

They all moved to Colorado to stay with family who already lived there so they could get healthcare. Colorado, like Washington State signed on to the ACA Medicaid Expansion. Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma are all Republican run and didn't take the Medicaid Expansion. One woman from Texas had gotten caught in a revolving door and had rib and other injuries. Her doctor wouldn't treat her, so her son, who's an oil worker and lives in Colorado, drove to Texas, picked her up and brought her back to Colorado, where he signed her up for Medicaid and she was able to get looked after!

If you are reading this, most likely you are one of those people who wake up with a modicum of hope, for your day, for your life. There are a lot of people who don't have that luxury and feel very little hope in all aspects of their life. Men particularly, can't get a job and feel emasculated by not being able to provide for their loved ones.

People with hope may get sick, may have pain in their bodies and be subscribed opioids, They will take them until the pain has gone, and then get on with their lives.

Sitting here on Tuesday, I'm wondering if the Republican AHCA/Trumpcare will have passed. I'm expecting it will go through because their wealthy donors, those from the Forbes 400, the hoarding class, are threatening to stop making political donations. 

If it does, the Republican run House, Senate and President will have given those donors their much expected $33 billion tax rebate over 10 years. That's enough to fund healthcare for 700,000 Americans.