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The physical address of RSE is: 14507 Yelm Highway SE, Yelm, WA

Transport / Airport Shuttle Service
Charlie's Shuttle Service

Reliable shuttle service (French/English).  Cost $90.00 one way for one person or $50.00 per person one way for 2 people and more.  Grocery shopping stop included.  We also offer RV rental and tent and equipment rentals.  Phone: 360-458-2621, Cell: 360-704-0267  Email:

Travel Trailer, Tent & Equipment Rental
Charlie's RV, Travel Trailer, Tent and Equipment Rental

We have 7 years experience in RV, tent and equipment rentals at RSE. We offer assorted travel trailer sizes for 1 to 5 people which will give you your privacy and comfort. Each travel trailer has a refrigerator, stove, dishes, heater, hot and fresh water tank, full bathroom and bath towels (from $75.00 to $115.00 per night). We also offer tent rental including a 3 inch foam mattress, cooler and a light. Other equipment also available for rent such as sleeping bag, folding bed (cot), arena kit (C&E cushion, floor mat and chair). We accept checks and payment through Paypal. Phone: 360-458-2621, Cell: 360-704-0267 Email: